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And Now For Something Completely Different by Qilong

I'm a very worldly, realistic sort of person; neither pessimistic nor really optimistic. I like keeping my options open, but understand bad things happens. "No plan survives contact with the enemy," as Helmut von Moltke wrote.

That said, I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi, especially the good authors such as LeGuin and Herbert, Williams, Jordan, Sanderson and Rawn, but also enjoy silly fantasy and the great classics like Tolkein (of course, everyone says that). When I was little, as I was getting into dinosaurs, I started thinking of making up my own universe to make stories in, but as an avid reader at 10, I didn't think of this as a world ot PLAY in, and so I set out to make it a practical thing. I never got far with the early stages of it, and various home problems, school problems, and family got in the way of things, plus I started developing an interest in paleontology, and the realism set aside the fantasy for a long while.

I'm still a scientist, and I will reflect this in the story (one of the characters is forensically inclined; genetics underlies the entire structure of the story) but a part of me worries about the reception. As a scientist, with aspersions to publication, I worry that if I were to do anything with this it might temper or ruin my reputation as a scientist, or vice versa. But there is a thing about getting something out of your head and not merely on paper and unseen --- that's not the point of a story: it must be told!

(The story is a long one, involves a few players, some bit characters ... and a rather well-detailed world. Really, this is Brian Sanderson level of detail and planning for characters and setting, but it hasn't been possible for me to really work on it. This map I produced is a way for me to place SOME of the intellectual work put into this world out there, especially as it exists in a 3D form in my head and it is rather hard to keep letting it percolate in there. There've been better maps, but I can't find them all anymore and suspect most have been destroyed, so this one is sort of a rehash of the first frame of context, the map you'd find on the inner matter of the book, but no detailed atlas. You needn't even see the map for some of the things that would occur, as the scope is small.

One major setback to this story is that I've realized that I do not want to let it follow the bad tropes, but I also don't want to just be a trope junkie, and I certainly don't want to be like George Martin and orgasmically subvert and avert tropes without any seeming rhyme or reason. Despite these, each of the main characters falls into the tropeverse: You've got your rebellious Princess; your disgraced Hero; your noble Warrior; your little Miss Snarker; your wise Outcast; and so forth. But the problem with these is that while these are the tropes, they need to be not obvious, and that's been a little problem. And they've got problems, and they don't get resolved at the end of the story, as that would be boring -- I HATE just "wrapping things up," a sense of realism that at least is one thing I agree with George Martin's "methodology" on. Things don't end, you just pull the camera back and turn the lights off.)

If I were to tell this story then, the ramifications and function it has might backlash. Is it deserved in the end? Don't know.
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watkinR Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool Project. I write novels myself, if you ever need any advice feel free to ask!
bensen-daniel Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
Cool project. I hope you'll tell us more, but more than that I hope you write it to the end. A lot of your questions and concerns are very difficult to address in the abstract, but once you write the story and finish it, the answers will come. As for your reputation, use a pen name. Lots of scientists do and did that.
Marmot-of-Doom Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As long as you don't publish your story as a scientific paper I have no idea how it should affect your reputation as a scientist in any way. I thought being a scientist might even improve your story or setting because no matter how much fantasy there is, you can put some realism into it, if you happen to write something about your field. For example no writer, who also happens to be a doctor or some other expert in medicine, is going to pull any of those of: [link] And the readers, of which some might happen to know something about medicine, too, won't have to cringe in mental agony every time they find such a grave error. And all the other readers won't get instilled with misconceptions of this field. So...yeah, hope that you got my point
Brainmatters Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
You're worried that writing a story will ruin your reputation as a scientist? I really don't understand that logic. Do you think another scientist will read it and think it's bad and then think you're a bad person? Or that they'll think you're childish for writing it? Please explain?

And you should just let your story develop the way you want it to, worry about the tropes and things later.

I mean, as someone who wants to create stories (in the form of video games rather than books, but it requires the same exact process) and who also wants to be a scientist, this just seems like an unnecessary fear. If nothing else, just write the story for yourself, and don't worry about what people think about it.

But maybe I'm just horribly ignorant about the science community and I really have no idea what I'm talking about. All I know is that I've been creating multiple stories for five years and I like science. :shrug:
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